What Am I Doing Today?

10th August

Hot off the hand printing press.

As you can clearly see the printing did not work, the lines were too thin and so the ink flooded them and the lines barely worked at all. They created a 3D well of ink so in that respect they printed, but invercely to how I wanted them…

So I hand painted the accents and highlights, then subtly shadowed with pen. Which looks well, but I may as well have painted the whole thing by hand.

You live and learn.

(Professionally, I am currently interning in Havas.)

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-05 at 14.46.06Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 14.14.36


25th June

Been busy freelancing a bit but new projects are up and running!

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31st of May

Today I’ve been thinking about mind over matter.

I’ve been thinking about it in terms of what it truly means, they you can focus your mind to the extent that it can overcome physical pains… I suppose that’s what it was originally coined for but that’s not what I have taken from it.

Maybe it means that if you don’t let something concern you, then the outcome wont matter to you. Essentially, instead of thinking about it in terms of physical hurt or pain, but thinking of it in terms of anxiety, or emotional trauma.

If you let something get to you, it will hurt you. But if you don’t mind it, it wont matter to you. Which I suppose is my more literal interpretation of it, which I have decided will be either a cute print, a fashionable teeshirt of a kitschy necklace design….

Which actually also reminds me of my new favorite teeshirt (which I have not bought and have no intentions of owning).

women of the future

I added the question mark.

It confuses me… what does it mean? Who is it referring to? It’s a teeshirt for adult women, so…. is it referring to girls? How far in the future? Is it posing some sort of question?

It made me a little bit annoyed (in an irritating overly sensitive kind of way) because essentially it says “girls”. One of my absolute pet peeves is to be called “girl”, “the girls”, “little girl”…. anything adolescent at all to be honest and to be honest it happens to me all the time.

Now, that being said, I do have a perpetually young face, which I am proud of, I look about 15 and get ID’d all the time and that’s wonderful because I’m almost 30. But, in places I have worked, in offices, in shops, in college, everywhere, I have been referred to as being a girl….

Obviously in a friends situation being “one of the girls” is okay, however, if you’re in an office (you’re new there, you’re a little bit unsure of yourself,) and you’re in a meeting. You’re with a client and about to bring them through your idea and someone from your team, from your office says “the girls will take you through that now”…..

You have immediately just been introduced as a child who doesn’t know what they are doing. You have just been made to feel tiny, inexperienced, uneducated and unqualified to be there.

It’s a real shame, and it’s not mainly men or women who do it, it’s everyone. It really is a pet peeve of mine that I personally think annoys other people too. Honestly, imagine being in a meeting and someone says “one of the boys will take you through that…” you’d be expecting some sort of teenager or child boy to come in and it would be extremely weird. You would certainly never expect a 30yr old adult to stand up and speak.

I don’t know how this became such a rant, to recap….

  1.  If you don’t let things get to you, they wont hurt you.
  2.  Stop calling women “girls”.
  3.  If you take your own advice, you won’t end up writing blog posts that are completely hypocritical……



All of  a sudden its the 15th of May

The weather has been fluctuating between gorgeous and atrocious, I’m personally fine with either, if it never rained there would be no lovely grass to lie in in the sun.

(That privilege is unfortunately reserved for people other than me as my skin is bizarrely allergic to the touch of grass and when I do lay out in the sun, stretched out in the flowers and greenery I end up all mottled and swollen. It’s a good look for someone who normally looks like a corpse, which generally I do because I have Livedo Reticularis, which sounds fancy but really just means that my lags look like they were badly painted with water colours.  It’s barely a condition to be honest, it’s just an irregularity which has been given a name.)

So things that I’ve been doing have included beginning to write some children’s books (by that I mean putting myself in a child’s perspective crawling around the floor and scaring my family, but it’s going surprisingly well so hopefully I’ll start getting some illustrations up here soon), interviewing (always interviewing, and while being told that the work is good and getting vitally important feedback, it would be nice if someone somewhere had a vacancy),  going to places that sound made up (Lough Boora) and going on the cheapest of cheap nights out because I’m poor and currently drinking like a teenager… that’s probably a little too much information.

Took some nice pictures in Lough Boora:

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2nd May

Over the weekend I did something that I was stubbornly avoiding.

Normally I don’t like to feel weak or incapable and my pride can get the better of me, and while I know it to be true,  it’s hard sometimes to admit that you need help with things, or that you’re not perfect.

So this weekend, I recruited them help of my extremely patient and supportive partner, and I learned to cycle.



27th April

And we’re live!

For the last few months I have been working on a pet project for the Nissan LEAF. This has been a labour of love for the most part and has taken up a lot of my time.

I have been closely involved in every part of the process from ideation to editing.

From the beginning I have planned for everything that could possibly go wrong, so when things do, which thankfully didn’t happen (maybe because of excellent planning), we would be able to fix the problem and had new routes to follow.

Filming was an amazing experience, the nerves, the excitement and the ultimate relief when the director finished shooting. (Let’s not mention the arduous process of editing, amending and getting things cleared by the client.)

Now that this is done, I can go back to freelancing and get back into my own little projects.

So what’s in store tomorrow? Dressmaking maybe?

24th April

Freelancing has taken up a good bit of my time, but on Wednesday my latest project will be live! Its been a mad couple of weeks, but the whole thing came together amazingly.

5th April.

Here’s some drawings of my friends.





3rd April.

Today is the first day of my log of stuff that I do.

I have a pensive mind, if I sit still for too long I start to deeply think about life, the universe and everything. These are questions and musings that I can never possibly hope to answer, so ultimately it is much better for me to keep my mind active.

As this is my first day writing about this I might just brain dump a bunch of things that I have been recently interested in.

First things first:

I started trying to make things out of cement.

I have been looking up and fascinated with Brutalist and Modernist architecture lately. In my head I’ve bought a disused, grubby old warehouse that I plan to refurbish and design into my own beautiful, industrial haven (which is a bit of an oxymoron).

With all these thoughts reeling around, while I casually start shopping for a place that doesn’t exist, I found that I couldn’t find the things that I would like. Sure there was a lot of absolutely gorgeous designs  and designer furniture and trinkets, but I’ve just bought a gaff in my mind, I wont have the imaginary money to furnish this wonderland.

So why not try make some?

I looked up a few online tutorials and it seems shockingly easy, so easy that I am really surprised there isn’t MORE Etsy shops selling tiny geometric planters filled with succulents. (There are a LOT already).

In my research I discover that you can make molds for quick dry concrete out of cardboard. And would you look at that my mum has just bought a new set of pots and pans, I can use that meaning I’m also recycling like an absolutely deadly, earth saving, art making…. person without a job….

I made some geometric shapes.


This clearly must be Instagramed. (https://www.instagram.com/abottlegreen/?hl=en)

Next step is to buy cement, and in my excitement to get this process underway I don’t research as much as I should have. Sand+Cement Quick-Dry Mix all in one bag sounds perfect right? Just add water right? Yes?


I just bought a bag of fine sand. It’s been about 6 days and they have not “Quick-Dry”ed at all.   I feel that i have just made some soggy little sandcastles.


‘Was fun though.