Nissan LEAF Activation

If you were to ask people if there would consider switching over and driving an electric car they tend to take a lot of convincing.

Their main issues being their concern with range, whether the car will run out of juice when they’re on a motorway or if they would get stuck.

The Nissan LEAF has a great range and as Ireland has an infrastructure that means there is one charging point for every electric car there shouldn’t be anything for people to worry about.

However, people still need a little more convincing.

On Earth Day we decided to illustrate to people the savings that they would make if they decided to turn over a new leaf and drive an electric car!


We went to a petrol station in Raheny and surprised people with the feeling of driving electric; your fuel is free.

We set up hidden cameras throughout the station and caught peoples reactions when we told them that we had paid for their petrol, so they could experience what it was like to drive a LEAF. This would make it an easier decision for them to do something for the environment, and for their pockets.

As well as the cameras, we set up a stand where people could have a look at the LEAF, ask any questions they might have and sign up for a test drive too.

The campaign went along with the #TurnToLEAF. which was supported on the Nissan Leaf Ireland page.

Customers were delighted with the surprise and gave us honest, interesting testimonials about whether or not they would consider switching to an electric car.




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