The brief for this print was awareness for the youth organisation Jigsaw.

Jigsaw work with young people to provide mental health support and understanding across the country.

One of their main communications is the idea of “One Good Adult”, which is a campaign to make people consider their roles in the lives of young people, whether or not they are providing a safe, comforting and supportive role in the lives of the young people they know.

This execution aims to get to the very bones of what support is. To physically show viewers how a lack of support feels and to make them consider what they can do to be supportive.

jigsaw print

“Sometimes it can feel like you’re holding on by a thread.”

“Jigsaw provides young people with the support they need.”

The print is intended to be in a newspaper, which are flimsy at best.

It is a whole page print, in which the middle section has been cut out. A single yellow thread, symbolising a persons own strength, holds the page together.

This in a paper would be extremely delicate, meaning that the reader would need to preposition their hands, or create a more sturdy handling of the paper. This will happen naturally, as a person will automatically adapt to these kinds of situations, much like if they considered how to support the mind of a person.

jigsaw in the newspaper


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