Cystic Fibrosis Ireland Script

Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.

young lions images
Opening shot:

Open on a family getting ready for the day ahead. There is a family of four at the table, in a bright airy suburban kitchen. A light, gentle purple mist surrounds them. They don’t notice it, the mist is a normal occurrence and is invisible to them. A shaggy dog trots around, looking for scraps from the kitchen table. There are pills beside one bowl of cereal. In the background a 13 year old boy dressed in a football kit is seen to be doing his regular physio exercises in the background. He then takes his place in front of his cereal with the pills beside it. [camera doesn’t focus on the pills]. We see the family laughing and breathing in the light purple mist, it is light and airy, warm to look at. The boy grabs a sausage from the middle of the table and hands it to the dog. His mom catches him doing so, shakes her head and ignores it.

We then see the boy run towards the door, with one football boot hanging over his sport bag, his mom runs up to him and hands him the other one. The mist lightly gathers around him as he laughs and shrugs, as if to say ‘how could I have forgotten’.

Scene 2: A shot of trees surrounding the outskirts of a football pitch, the trees breathe out the light purple mist. We hear the chatter of a football game before the camera goes to focus on the game.

Scene 3: The football match is well underway. We see the camera close up on the boy as he bends over and takes a deep breath, inhaling the light purple mist.

VO: For those who have CF, every breath is a small victory

We see the boy look more determined now, he gathers his breath and runs forward, tackling and getting the ball off another kid, he runs and gives one triumphant kick. It’s a goal! He takes another deep breath, inhaling the purple mist and shakes his head smiling, not quite believing what he just did. All his teammates run over to him and pick up him, he smiles, looking tired yet proud of his accomplishment.

VO: But they win CF every day, they will always be victorious, they have CF, it doesn’t have them.

(VO to be read over the final scene.)

End Frame: Blurred still of last shot. Logo on screen in middle.

Copy: Text CF Help to 50300 to donate €2 to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland or donate online at





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