Nissan LEAF



Everyone knows that the Nissan LEAF is good for the environment, so why are they still not fully committing to 100% electric? Because they have range anxiety, they know that electric will improve and finally they are content with settling for something that might go half way; a Hybrid. But thanks Hybrid, we can take it from here.




What originally started as an idea for an activation and then translated itself to print, our campaign kicked off with something people are familiar with; a letter of redundancy. Taking a friendly approach, we inform Hybrid that drivers are looking for someone who is fully committed to the cause.




The print executions the social posts and digital took the same lighthearted approach as the print, TV and radio. These executions however show some of the other benefits of the Nissan LEAF, like how much money the person would save. The issue was to make the LEAF relatable and not seem like a distant dream or “car of the future”.




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