Jameson Guys


Jameson guys (1)


Jameson is Ireland’s top selling whiskey. To break the American market, we have introduced what sets it apart from other whiskeys as the personality traits of those who drink it. The triple distillation is reflected in the style and personality of our three characters; the single distilled is the hipster who isn’t as confident in his own style. The double distilled is the worldly, well traveled confident guy who hasn’t fully pulled it all together, and the triple distilled is refined, effortlessly cool and suave guy you aspire to be, and with Jameson you can be that guy. The lack of voice over allows the viewer to take in the qualities that come with Whiskey and in particular, Jameson. We commemorate the culture that surrounds male friendship, and how Jameson is the status symbol that ties it all together.

In the style of:

TV Ad Run Time: 40 seconds.



Shows Three unlikely friends. At a house party.

One is a notable hipster, he has very skinny jeans, a denim shirt, a big scarf, a fedora and thick framed glasses. He looks a little unsure of himself, he is happy, but you can tell by the way he carries himself that he isn’t as confident as the other two.

Guy two is a bit of a hippie, dreads, harem pants and sandals. He stands on the right hand side of the group. He is laughing, head tossed back. He has the look of someone who is well traveled. He has bracelets from the kids he helped in Honduras.

Guy Three stands in the middle of the group. Tall and African American, he wears a well tailored suit. He looks confident but not cocky. He is happy to be with his mates. He has kind eyes and a winning smile.

Stats Appear on the screen Around every guy as the camera zooms in and out on various stats on the men.

Camera first zooms to guy 1 on the left hand side. The words. ‘Single Distillation’ is over his head in white Jameson style font. The camera moves in and out on close ups of his face, arm/torso area and his legs. Stats such as ‘Chill filtered’, ‘coal heated for a smoky taste’, ‘Batch production’, ‘Can grow a beard, but doesn’t because he is worried he won’t get a job or be able to pull it off. Cares about how others see him, an aspiring writer but is barely able to caption his Instagram posts.

Camera then shows guy 2. On the right hand side. The words ‘Double Distillation’ is over his head.
Once again the camera moves in and out on the close ups. Stats such as ‘Confident taste’, ‘Sweet and warming’ ‘Robust’, ‘well traveled’, ‘A misogynistic feminist’, ‘Loves nothing more than sitting around a bonfire with friends and smelling of it for days on end’, ‘Militant Vegan, but eats chicken when no one is looking’.

Camera then shows guy 3 in the center. The words ‘Triple Distillation’ above his head. ‘Served neat’ ‘Unique’, ‘Prime taste’ ‘A Style that has been distilled to perfection’, ‘Charming and witty’, ‘Effortless’, ‘Cool’, ‘Matching funky socks’, ‘Has taste, like Jameson’

Camera Shows guy 1 and 2 again, sitting around a table, guy 3, brings over a bottle of Jameson and pours everyone a glass.. Guy No.3 lightly swirls his glass. The camera zooms in to the glass, as the whiskey slowly turns around the full body colour taking over the camera, little glints of light catching the amber and red colours.

VO: Jameson, Triple Distilled, Triple your cool.



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