Incroyable Tekkers

Incroyable Tekkers (1)-4

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Incroyable Tekkers (1)

Activations for Euro’16

LeFevre is a brand of style, it is for someone who enjoys the finer things. Likes to go to the pub for drink and to watch the match, but doesn’t go in for the normal binge drinking and messyness. The LeFevre drinker likes to enjoy his drink and appreciate the craft and taste of it. That isn’t to say that the LeFevre drinker is a stuck up, serious person. He is playful and fun, not worried about taking the piss out of himself and enjoys having a laugh.

“Rugby is a game for thugs; played by gentlemen. Football is a game for gentlemen, played by thugs.”

fevre 1
We decided to put the refined gentleman back into football, with a french twist. What is more french, or refined than Ballet?
There are a lot of similarities between ballet and football, commentators often joke that the players are graceful as they tackle or fall. And we all have seen the several youtube clips of the Ref who got a bit too into his beautiful run on the pitch.
There is a lot of time and skill put into both football and ballet. They need to train religiously, be quick on their feet and understand how their bodies move. Also must run the same quickness drills in their training.

The campaign itself will be called ‘Incroyable Tekkers’ which is french for incredible tekkers,a term that football lovers use frequently when commenting on the style of the players. We believe that LeFevre has an incredible technique to its craft and it ties in well with the skill and hard training that goes into Football or Ballet.

fevre 2

Skill Trials

It is safe to say that little to no people watch the halftime commentary, it’s a time for people to reflect or relax between halves. Its also a chance to go for a smoke or get out into the air after being in the stuffy packed pub.
Pub goers would be invited to test how quick their feet are in out in the smoking area during half time. Cones would be set up in the beer garden. Contestants would volunteer to challenge their mates to see who was the quickest and more skillful with a ball.
Of course they need to keep someone there to save seats, so camera men would record the action, and the skills trials would be live fed back onto the pub tvs so friends could watch. That way nobody is left out and this will also encourage the people inside the pub to go outside and take part in the experience.
A Clap-o-meter app (or Fevrometer) could decide who has the best skills.

fevre 3


Beer mat
Inside also there would be beer mats depicting a footballer in a ballet pose.
Wow, a beer mat big deal, well actually yes.
We all know how fiddly people get when they have a pint or two in them. Most beer mats are left in shreds, these however will encourage people to actively engage with them, by appealing to that primal need to just tear something apart. Simply pop out two sections and there you have it. The footballer is attached by string through the center of the mat. This in turn allows the figure to spin in the center of the mat. Showing the grace that comes with both football and ballet and of course the class that comes with the cidre itself.

fevre 4


Cardboard Cut Out For pubs without a beer garden or are lacking in space, There would be a cardboard cut-out stand showing footballers in mid tackle looking like ballet dancers, with the LeFevre logo in the corner. Their faces would be cut out so people could put their own faces in and take photos of themselves as the footballers. They could then share the images on their own social media.


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