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The green party won two seats in the last election, these seats were both in Dublin. The Party suffers from a major lack of support in rural areas. People living in the country, especially the farming community, distrust the environmental agenda because they are worried it would have a negative impact on their current way of life. The Green Party has also come under fire for making promises which they fail to keep, this can be attributed to their lack of support and weak position within the Dail.


Taking this into account we identified the areas that stand to gain the most from a Green government would in fact be rural areas. We want to showcase this by focusing on the benefits of an environmentally sustainable lifestyle for those loving in rural areas. The Green Party’s manifesto outlines how switches to green technologies can both lower people’s everyday bills, while also creating new jobs in the countryside. We have chosen three areas from the Green Party manifesto to focus on to achieve our goal of making rural areas aware of the benefits of supporting the Greens.

green party 2

  • Education – The Green Party are anxious to invest in education, and plan to create Trusts for every childs’ educational future. The cost of education is a huge deterrent for people in rural areas, which leads to a lack of education, the inability to find jobs and becoming isolated in the countryside.
  • Agriculture – The Green Party propose to revolutionise the farming industry, using the latest ideas in biotech and agriculture , which they believe will create more jobs and increase yield through lower intensity farming. They also propose support for the CSA system which is mutually beneficial to both farmers and consumers.
  • Connectivity – Another area of extreme importance is the provision of good quality broadband service to the whole country. This will connect the rural areas with the larger cities. Rural areas cannot continue to be isolated. This would make modern life in the country more attractive and sustainable to people and businesses.


Many people are reluctant to changing to new green technologies as they are afraid of the expense or hassle. If we could show people the ease of switching to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and make them aware of the money they would save, jobs that would be created, we think that people in rural areas would be a lot more likely to accept and support greener living.

Dublin would not be ignored in the campaign, the benefits of environmentally sustainable technologies to the whole country would be highlighted. A lot of current technologies are perceived to be complicated, futuristic and difficult to manage. However they are extremely user friendly and make every day life easier and cheaper. If we could convince people that a green lifestyle isn’t a mad futuristic dream, they might support the Green Party.

green party 1

Experiential – Green Means Estate

The Green Party would choose a centrally located ghost estate in Ireland, finished but unused. This would be kitted out in all the newest, greenest technologies available in Ireland. Solar, wind, hydroponics, aquaponics etc… Essentially it would be a showroom for green companies to showcase their products. Green party candidates will live in the showrooms in the run up to the election. They will be live updating their experiences with the technology and living in in a green environment. It would also show how a normal person could gradually incorporate green sustainable living into their own lives, clearly showing the amount they would save on their bills. As the majority of these Ghost estates are situation in the midlands, it would mean candidates themselves are centrally situated, and easily accessible. (As the estate would be free advertising for green companies, much of the technology would be donated for use in the estate.) The estate would be set up so people could either visit to see the green showrooms, or view online, as regular video updates about how the system works would be posted online, with statistics and information about what a person would save if they started living green.

green party 4

Campaign Posters

Our campaign posters would be different from the norm and would be specific to the area in which they were hung. They would illustrate the real and actual benefits to each specific area, rather than show a politicians smiling face.

green party 3





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