Cosmic Lotus

 cosmic lotus morning gloryville takeover
Advertising small business brief.
Small jewelry business – Cosmic Lotus.
Cosmic Lotus is in Irish designer and jewelry maker, she believes in light, happiness and expressing her inner child.
At the moment she sells online and sometimes at markets. She hand crafts all of her jewelry and art pieces, so she never has a huge volume of stock to be selling. She would also have absolutely no marketing budget, and do all of her pages are updated personally.
She has Instagram and Facebook pages and sells at markets, she also has a selection of work in Yellow Brick Road on Bachelors’ walk.
Increase of sales and acknowledgement of Cosmic Lotus, begin selling in more stores.
Create specific brand image.
Target market:
People who like ethnic-y hippie things, people who like hand made Irish crafts.
USP: She is an advocate of mental health awareness. She believes in the power of releasing your inner child.
Her work, jewelry and art pieces, encapsulate a sense of childlike wonder. They promote happiness and fun, and in that way contributes to peoples well-being


  • Morning Gloryville Cosmic Lotus Takeover.
  • New website/ Blog
  • Music Video
  • Gloryville poster

Morning Gloryville is a no alcohol, all ages rave which takes place from 7am till the afternoon. It is a lovely opportunity to get energised and dance into your day.
They serve yummy breakfast smoothies and provide activities like yoga, massage and hula-hoop.
Rachel would plan and organise a takeover Morning Gloryville event. She would plan, decorate and organise the event. She would have complete artistic control of the music and style of the event.
She would not personally make any profit out of it, the reasoning would be for her to showcase her work, style and essence of what she stands for.
Models would be dressed in Ray’s jewelry and styled to match the theme of the event. They would be photographed at the event and these photographs would be used on her newly designed website.
A music video would also be made at the event, this would capture the atmosphere of the event and would be shareable across digital media.

Morning GloryVille
Building on the success of Morning Glory London, the event has now launched in 12 cities around the world and one of the biggest was Dublin in the first week of July. We are now running monthly events and will be rolling out to other Irish cities soon!
Our Philosophy Morning Gloryville is a huge heap of fun, a necessary injection of good positive energy into humdrum city morning culture. On a deeper level, we believe in transforming clubbing into something sustainable and healthy. We are challenging societal norms and in doing so giving our community a sustainable means of expression. We’re bridging the gap between the conscious dance scene (five rhythms, biodanza etc) and what we could term ‘traditional’ raving. We believe in the transformative power of dance, sobriety and embodied practice. We also believe in a sound system that can blow your socks off!

Campaign Document:

Cosmic Lotus campaign


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