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Idea: Revolutionise banking. Make it a community where members are supportive of each other, rather than just a place to keep your money. Create a social community of Nationwide consumers.

Background: 16-25yr olds have grown up playing video games; console, mobile, MMORPG’s, social and more. They are used to gamification and online social networking. As they have grown up with social networking, they are rarely separated from a screen. They engage well with online communities and like to feel included. They insist on personalisation and convenience, while expecting to be entertained. They are savvy consumers who expect a lot from their money, however they are apathetic about banking. Currently banks are not speaking their language or engaging with their lives.

Rationale: Because they insist on personalisation and are natives of social networking, we decided to create a game style banking app with a social aspect. Customers can design their own personal avatar to represent themselves in the banking community. This is to attract young consumers who are just starting to engage in banking. It is lighthearted, but provides everything a bank normally has to offer at the touch of a button, while incorporating new community elements such at skillshare and Fundme. These elements are different from normal banking practices and are supportive of consumers. This reinforces the idea that Nationwide is a community that works for its customers rather than a bank.


Customers can create their own personal avatar to live on the app.



The home page of the app is a little community, with different places and banking functions to visit.



Print for the campaign.


TV and Online Ad.


This presents a woman whose washing machine has broken down.

She logs on to her Nationwide app through her phone to find a plumber from the Skill Share building.

We then see her transform into her avatar character.

An avatar plumber arrives to fix the machine.

When they shake hands, they both transform back into real people.


“When you join Nationwide, you’re not just part of a bank.

You’re part of a innovative community who support each other in making their dreams a reality. And who are happy to help you when you’re stuck.

Find out more about our growing community at your local Nationwide branch, or log on to

Nationwide, welcome to the neighborhood.”

Full presentation


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