BiiZ Creative Amnesty International

The Big idea:

Raise awareness for Amnesty International and the plight of displaced people living in refugee camps around the world.


This campaign will utilise an online stealth marketing and experiential activations to connect with the young target market. Amnesty Interational once had a strong connection with this age group in the past. These new 18-25 year olds are transitioning in their own lives. Finishing school, beginning university or starting their careers. Like the refugees they are looking for somewhere safe and suitable to live. They care about people and the world they live in, but find they are too preoccupied and busy to invest their time engaging in political movements of volunteer work.

They are Digital natives, using the Internet to organise every facet of their lives and sites like to search for accommodation. They source the vast majority of their news online and share arresting content with their peers. They recognise the refugee problem but feel disconnected from it. Although they might not have disposable income, they can “give” by sharing and raising awareness of the campaign.


Phase 1: Experiential installation

Phase 2: Listings and Microsite go live

Phase 3: Spread content

Phase 4: Earned media generation.


Our campaign will infiltrate the most popular accommodation websites and high street estate agents, in its first phase with all the content directing people towards our Amnesty International Refugee Crisis microsite. Significant earned media will be gained through sharing the content with relevant social media influencers and content aggregation sites. This will be further permeate the online lives of our target audience. For creation of the experiential, the campaign will partner with Dublin City council, to allow the construction and eventual neglect of the installations. This guerrilla marketing tactic will generate coverage in local and national media, and should create controversy and spark public debate on the issue. The call to action will be the hoban&higgins website, which will be a redirection to the Amnesty Refugee microsite.

We will construct realistic refugee camp tents, which will be open to the public, which will not be maintained in order to realistically represent the living conditions of millions of refugees. These will be placed in key city centre locations to illustrate the juxtaposition between modern city life and the plight of refugees. Listings for these locations will be advertised through the normal accommodation channels, like, estate agent windows and college campuses, all with the link to the hoban&higgins microsite.

The listings will be genuine ads for the installations around the city as if they were real properties. Moving our message from the online space to the real world.

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